The Arborian Campaign

Days 11-18

In witch the players hunt a monster,


After treating Razryn to some ice cream and reflecting on the setting sun our players take lodging at Great Wizard Steve’s house for the evening. The following mourning they make their way to the provisioner to stock up for their journey, but not before Olga rolls a natural 20 on her persuasion roll to convince Razryn to take a bath; Proving beyond a doubt that Olga has got the mother hen game on lock. Wizard Steve and Olga purchased many useful items for their coming adventure, Sigurd purchased a post hole digger; On credit. Upon finding young Razryn talking to a strange man in a dashing green coat, rather than inform him of the danger of talking to strangers he instead informed him of the merits of a having a post hole digger. Then the crew departed on their 5 day journey to Daventry, home to the largest port in Duncanshire (And the only one). Upon arriving Great Wizard Steve was nearly pick pocketed by a handsome rouge in a dashing red coat, the hero’s gave chase across the street, knocking over a soup cart, and into an alley. After emerging on the other side the would be thief was nowhere to be found, they were only greeted by the normal pedestrians of Daventry and a bearded stranger in a dashing olive coat asking them in a southern drawl if “theys was lost.” But this warlock’s ruse was not about to fool Olga’s keen senses and the group decided that this handsome stranger merited some spear point interrogation. After dancing around the issue for quite a while [before the party remembered why insight was skill] numerous threats and a punch to the face the stranger revealed that he was actually a powerful elvish sorcerer by the name of Vygar Desivis (His dashing coat was also apparently blue). The dark colored elf revealed that he was in fact from Bellaqua, the sunken city named on the map. He reluctantly explained that he needed that map to help with something of a feud they were having back home, and offered the hero’s the opportunity to travel with him to Bellaqua (an with it the vague promise of vague magic stuff) if they would only give him the map in exchange. A deal was struck and the party adjourned to the B&B that Vygar rented out while staying in the city. Vygar explained that he could take them to Bellaqua’s location, but the vessel he came in only had room for one, and they would need some means of under sea travel. After an evenings worth of tea, and a slew of terrible ideas none better than drinking a ton of water breathing elixir and jumping off the side of a charted boat holding an anchor, the party retired to bed. They awoke the following morning to be welcomed by a hot pot of coffee and the most sumptuous breakfast already laid out for them and a note from Vygar … Apologizing for stealing the map. True to his word there was no trace of the map or Vygar, tho miraculously Great Wizard Steve was able to create a replacement map from memory! Tho not all was lost, in the post script of his sincerely heartfelt apology Vygar included a set of coordinates. The hero’s greeted the day with renewed vigor and sought around town for what rumors were afoot, while Wizard Steve crafted a fine set of leather armor for Razryn from the wings of the imps they had killed. After hearing about a terrifying two headed Wyvern terrorizing the countryside to the west, Sigurd bumped into an old war buddy of his, Killian Belmont. He explained how he had been fighting pirates out in the inner sea when he got the order to muster at the capital for the defense of Duncanshire. After paling around a bit he and Sigurd wen’t their separate ways. The party tracked this fearsome creature to its cave taking prior bets that they would kill it (Wizard Steve), that the issue could be solved with words (Olga) and that they would all die (Sigurd) respectively. Olga stood fast before the beast and used her command of the Draconic tongue to convince the surprisingly dumb creature that eating humans was bad for your complexion and then with the aide of wizard Steve, tricking it into flying far to the west with vague promise of a shiny object thereabouts; Teaching Razryn the important lesson that it’s OK to lie to stupid hateful creatures in order to steal their stuff. While plundering the creature’s cave Wizard Steve found evidence that this monstrosity might actually be the result of experimentation using hydra blood. After looting the cave Sigurd and Steve hid behind a rock (Betsy) to stage an ambush for the creature. Olga remained indicisive until the enraged Wyvern’s return whereupon she promptly hid behind Betsy. Sigurd sprung the trap and severed one of the beast’s head’s with one mighty swing, only to have two grow in its stead, the fight was on.

20160228_210341.jpgSigurd stands alone against the Hydra-Wyvern

What followed was an insane skirmish of lighting breath, swallowed explosives, summoned golems, exploded golems, and gruesome spear gorings. At the end of the titanic bout Sigurd dealt the killing blow and none but Razryn stood unbloodied. [Not a single player had more than 9 Hp] In the carnage of the aftermath Sigurd paid Olga and Wizard Steve 9 silver. As dusk began to set on the bloody beech Olga and Razryn striped down and went for a swim in the surf, and Olga taught Razryn to fish with his teeth. Sigurd wandered off an speared an otter while Great Wizard Steve carefully dissected and harvested what remained of the mangled monster. The group collected drift wood for a bonfire and with it they all pitched in some vegetables from their rations as well as the fish and otter to make some delicious Hydra-Wyvern Gumbo. [This is a feature actually baked right into the mechanics of Bastard Quest, found under the rules by the name “Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup” it lets players make exotic rations for slightly more XP and natural healing]. As sun rose on their beach side camp our heroes had tasted victory, but could the agony of defeat be looming in their future? find out next time!



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