The Arborian Campaign

Days 22 & 23

Cultists and Casinos

After liberating the common folk of the areas surrounding Daventry of their burdens, the Hero’s commissioned the use of the finest forge in the city and made Sigurd a shinning new set of composite armor with the bones and scales of the Hydra-Wyvern, his old set being in a sorry state after their last skirmish. Prior to this tho some early mourning acrobatics on the part of Great Wizard Steve ruined breakfast (especially the figgy pudding) in Lord Graham’s mead hall when he failed spectacularly in some kind of idiotic attempt to do several back flips. Prompting Lord Graham to say “Well, … Clean it up Steve” soliciting a laugh from everyone. That day Sigurd and Steve also got into a contest as to who could craft better armor accessories for Razryn, adorning him with new boots and a helmet dyed red to match the rest of his imp leather armor. It was also agreed that after his heroics in, and the danger of, the last skirmish that Razryn should begin his formal weapon training, and was given his Mythril Gladius. Sigurd wisely focused on teaching Razryn good fundamentals before moving on to flashy gimmicks and more colorful swordplay. Being decidedly not done in their work of improving the state of affairs in Daventry Sigurd wandered around looking for trouble [His player Chris as usual showed off his astonishing ability to consistently defy the odds by rolling a natural 20] and bumped into a strange fellow in dark robes that reeked of grave dust, muttering to himself and carrying a bunch of scrolls, one of witch he dropped. Seeing that the scroll was full of nonsense scribbling and evil looking geometric shapes Sigurd decided to follow him to his run down shack in a dark corner alley. After collecting the others and showing Steve the odd scroll they decided that this odd fellow merited further investigation. Deciding on a direct approach they knocked on the fellow’s door, who promptly hollered at them to “go away”, and that he had “no interest in being solicited any owl-bear-cub scout cookies” when they prodded further he opened the door of his shack and told them to “Get bent” because he was “far too busy”. The crafty players however offered up one of their shiny rubies asking how much a moment of his time was worth. The now clearly visible middle aged fellow, who’s appearance and teeth seemed aged prematurely by a lifetime of poor choices and hard drug use, greedily snatched up the Ruby and said that it was well worth his time, but insisted that “butt stuff” was extra. He let them into his shack where he quickly gathered together a small leather bound box frame satchel, not unlike the kind used by alchemists, before the heroes could get a good look at it’s contents. He sat in his rocking chair with his satchel fixating on the ruby before rudely inviting the heroes to use his tea kettle or shit bucket at their leisure before leaving. Every inch of the walls in the awful run down dwelling were covered in butchers paper with more insane scribbles and pentagrams. When questioned about them he rudely insisted they were “Poetry” before insinuating that the players were uncultured philistines and casting aspersions on their sexuality. After Wizard Steve and Sigurd unsuccessfully tried grilling the man with the old good cop bad cop routine, he reminded them that they paid for “time” and that if they were quite finished they could kindly fuck off, as he had a pressing engagement to score more Æther Dust with this fat ruby. Wizard Steve accused him of being a drug addict and a criminal, but in the wake of his failed admonishment the old man crudely reminded him that substance abuse was no crime in the Kingdom of Duncanshire, but that it does however lead to a string of poor life choices made out of desperation that leave one “obligated” to perform “favors” of a compromising nature. Razryn expressed a growing sense of discomfort from being in the presence of the crotchety old addict and inquired as to his frequent use of air quotes. It was at this point Olga stepped in to reassure Rasryn, and spearhead the negotiations. She discreetly exhaled a handful of powdery snow and with the aid of Wizard Steve fabricated a most spectacular lie that it was in fact a most rare and pure cut of Æther Powder. She offered to share it if he would but tell them about the entity in his “Poems”, the one that promised power and wealth. He said it was a “Guy” he could score from, but that he couldn’t “blow up his spot”. They insisted that they were “Cool man” and showed they had plenty more rubies that they wanted to use to score more dust, and that he should “Hook them up” by taking them to this guy. He agreed and said he knew a way he could introduce them later this evening in the grave yard. He was unpleasantly surprised to have been rewarded with a nose full of snow, but before he could become incensed Sigurd knocked him out with a hard crack to the temple with the pommel of his spear, causing the man to fall over and knock his other temple on the corner of the bed and drop the ruby. Olga insisted to Razryn that they weren’t robbing the man as Sigurd and Steve began rummaging through his satchel and pockets, before deciding to escort Razryn outside. They uncovered a small pocket idol carved in the shape of fat daemon made of tainted star coral, along with some vials of demon blood, his crack spoon, and needle kit. Sigurd and Steve high-fived before telling the profoundly unconscious man that he was under arrest by authority of the crown of Duncanshire for treason. They clapped irons on him and dragged him off to the guards. Ignatius happened to be in town overseeing troop relocation and the flow of wartime supplies through the port. He further uncovered purely through deduction and combing through the crime scenes that the man had been plotting to summon a daemon of gluttony and feed it freshly dug up corpses from the graveyard. Ignatius, or Iggy as he is affectionately referred to by Great Wizard Steve, had the secret police cart the man off in a cell to the dungeon in the capital before thanking the heroes for their astonishing skill in uncovering such a plot and giving them 6 gold Maze (The primary currency of the prosperous nation of Labyrinthia worth 100 silver each) he happened to have on hand from his recent diplomatic dealings in the south. The party celebrated their new wealth by taking the overnight ferry to Dara, the largest port in Labyrinthia and sister city to Daventry. They ended the session with a game of black jack at the local Casino, with Wizard Steve coming out on top by 8 silver.


A very entertaining log. Well done.

Days 22 & 23

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