Lord Graham

Beloved by all,


Lord Regent of the city of Daventry, formerly its king back from when it was still an autonomous city state. After the old king of Daventry failed to sire an heir, Graham, then a knight went on an epic quest to prove himself to the king by retrieving lost treasures of the crown. During the last boarder conflict with Labyrinthia the kingdoms of Duncanshire and Daventry were forced to unite. After the conflict the noble families of Duncanshire conspired to exploit their alliance and assert their supremacy over the region, exhausted from the recent conflict and with no way to match the military might of their Griffon Riders Graham acquiesced to their demands rather than drag his people into another bloody war. He is renowned as a mighty, just and strong leader, and is a beloved hero and leader to his subjects, always ruling fairly and wisely. Their are many in Daventry that secretly hope for the day when Graham will take his rightful place as king once more.


Lord Graham

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