Olga of the White Scales

A pale scaled Wyvernkin fond of changing shape.


Garbed in simple leather armor and sometimes known to brandish a pair of sickles she is a graceful fighter who favors finesse over force. She has a lithe frame and stands at above average height, she has a large scar adoring her right clavicle.


Olga is a white scaled Wyvernkin, like all of her ilk she is capable of exhaling a staggering blizzard of rhyme and frost, and like everyone from her village she has cultivated the art of Skin Walking, or becoming the form of beasts and animals. Her favorite forms include a nightmare (equine), griffon, and a true wyvern. A sage and ambassador for her village, she wanders the land often finding herself involved in the courtly dramas of the Kingdom of Duncanshire. With a talent for espionage and explosives, this femme-fatale is not lightly trifled with.

Olga of the White Scales

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