Sigurd the Rabbit Knight

A senile old Púka in fullplate armor.


Old, bent, & grey his long lustrous beard and elderly demeanor belie his true grace and ferocity in combat. Standing no taller than 3 feet 6 inches he is average size for a Púka, a variety of rabbit like nature spirit that reincarnate every couple of decades. Sigurd has stubbornly persisted to the ripe old age of 19, it’s likely his soul is much much older. Brandishing a shield and his signature spine handle glaive, he’s not the type to back down from a challenge.


Given an honorary knighthood for his service to the crown of Duncanshire, Sigurd is one of the few people that King Duncan D. Duncanson will tolerate backtalk or sass from; likely due to his senile behavior he’s never called into normal service like other knights of the realm, further emphasis of how honorary his title really is. Still despite his exceptionally old age his ability in combat is of rare caliber, a master of shielded, pole-armed, and unarmed combat he regularly makes a habit of felling foes twice or even three times his size. He is the only Púka ever to be knighted in Duncanshire, tho not the only one to hold a military rank.

Sigurd the Rabbit Knight

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