The Blue


A small blue Wyvernkin child garbed in a black tunic and cap wearing Imp leather armor. He wields a shield taken from a raided bandit camp and Mythril Gladius. His belt buckle is a magic trinket known as a flare charm.


Recovered by the party from a cave after the destruction of his his village by half daemons, they have been tasked by the King of Duncanshire with finding him an appropriate foster home. After searching the village for any remnants of his kin the only thing found was a solitary Mithril Gladius, seemingly his sole inheritance. Olga elected to hold onto the blade until such time as Razryn was properly trained. He is an bright and inquisitive youth who is quick to learn new things. Under the care of the heroes he has learned that it’s Ok to lie to bad people in order to take their stuff.


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