The Arborian Campaign

Days 1-10

Where the adventure begins in earnest,

The heroes, Olga of the White Scales and Sigurd the Rabbit Knight, return to the capital and the court of King Duncan D. Duncanson (of Duncanshire). Traveling with them is the small child Razryn, a blue Wyvernkin of 5 years. King Duncan declares that in an effort to “do what is just” a proper place must be found for the newly orphaned child.The court wizard Steve shows a keen interest in tutoring the child in the ways of magic. Not entirely trusting Great Wizard Steve after the debacle that was his last apprentice he order’s that Olga and Sigurd are to travel the realm until such time as they find a proper foster home for him, but stipulates that Steve may tag along (Probably to be rid of him for a while). The group is given a subsidy and a ledger for the child’s expenses during their quest. Seeing that the child is in need of new garments & after much bickering the group decides that a black tunic would look best (Razryn was not solicited for his opinion) Before leaving town the heroes bump into Ignatius Grey, royal inquisitor of the crown, who is in the middle of interviewing the owner of a clearly recently robbed bookstore. The owner says the only item taken was an exceptionally old map rumored to be of the sunken city of Bellaqua. Ignatius shares that the assailant was a powerful magic user with snow white hair and onyx skin and that he could perhaps be an elf (a race thought to have vanished hundreds of years ago) He also mentions how he dispatched a couple of royal griffon riders to pursue the trail of this warlock. The heroes also decide to give chase and the following day Olga spots the riders in hot pursuit of something while scouting ahead in the form of an eagle. In the following fracas one rider and his griffon are disintegrated by a living confluence of acid and the other is run off. The warlock escapes but not before dropping the map, witch is recovered by wizard Steve. Reading the Slyvaine runes on the map their suspicions of the map’s origin are confirmed. Knowing that if this warlock wants the map he must come to them; the group promptly decides to march for 4 days in the opposite direction to Boar’s Tooth Mountain, the area they believe Razryn’s old village to be located. That evening they camp at the base of the mountain and a quarrel between Sigurd and Olga comes to blows, Great Wizard Steve steps in to mediate but not before Sigurd wounds Olga in self defense. Her fundimentum (The magic organ that makes all Wyvernkin innately magical, and is the source of their breath weapon) sustains a debilitating injury and render’s her unable to breath frost for a short time [Every attack Sigurd makes with his signature weapon has a chance of inflicting a gruesome disfigurement]. The organ will heal but its very likely to leave a scar. The following day the group investigates the remnants of Razryn’s village. Despite their being no weapons or armor left behind the blue Wyvernkin were evidently masters of metal craft and forging weapons. In the charred aftermath it appears the village was set upon in the dead of night and vastly outnumbered, despite this there are a large number of daemon remains amidst the gnawed-on corpses of men, women, and children. Sigurd takes this time to counsel Razryn on the harsh realities of the world and on the passing of all things. Olga finds a solitary Mythril Gladius in a forlorn chest in the chieftain’s house. Seemingly Razryn’s sole inheritance Olga decides to give it to the child only after he demonstrates proficiency with a training weapon, despite his whining. In an effort to raise his spirits Sigurd and Steve craft him a sword made of wood, and Sigurd promises to train Razryn in its use. Before they leave Sigurd takes some time to scout the north face of the mountain where he observes in the valley below a daemon army with a war-host numbering in the thousands, all seemingly spilling out of the cavernous passage to the underworld at Shadow’s Cairn. No sooner than he returns are they set upon by a dozen imps that descend out of the sky. The group makes short work of them and in the heat of battle Olga violently liberates one of the imps from both of his arms for managing to lay a hand on Razryn. The group makes good on their escape but not before Wizard Steve collects a number of imp wings in the hopes of studying them or tanning their hides. 4 days later the group returns to the capital of Duncanshire to report to the King the grim portents of their journey. Before leaving the court in a flurry of wartime preparation their met by Ignatius who warns them that the mysterious warlock has once again been spotted in the capital!



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