The Arborian Campaign

Days 19-21

In witch Sigurd bites off alot, then chews it.

After their harrowing fight with the Hydra-Wyvern the hero’s divvied out the loot betwixt them the following morning, witch included a flintlock pistol, 3 rubies, and magic belt! or at least the belt buckle was magic. Olga wisely identified the object as a flare charm, a trinket used by some sailors to signal other boats. [Enchanting in Bastard Quest works by inscribing magic words onto objects, this particular one being inscribed with the words Throw & Ray ] Though Sigurd won the belt fairly via rock paper and scissors he ultimately decided it would be better left in the care of Razryn. The heroes then returned to Daventry to report their victory to Lord Graham, the lord regent and former king of the then city-state of Daventry. The heroes were paid handsomely for their efforts and rested in Lord Graham’s manor before embarking the following day. They briefly stopped for more provisions before scurrying off to hunt down the rumor of brigands in the northern foothills. Using his profound powers of logic, Great Wizard Steve deduced the location of the bandits camp given the lay of the land and the locations of the robberies. They used this knowledge to execute a pincer move with Sigurd sneaking through woods approaching from the west and Olga and Wizard Steve walking up the path to the south-east. Encountering the brigands in the middle of a game of blind man’s bluff Sigurd decided to spring the ambush … far too early. He soon found himself facing down no fewer than 9 bandits alone, with Olga and Steve dealing with the 3 manning the lookout down the way.
While Sigurd deftly danced between the blades of three hobgoblin swordsmen and dodged the spells of the bandit shaman, arrows and crossbow-bolts from the firing line plinked off his armor. Meanwhile a handy fireball and an evisceration delivered via griffon-gram made short work of the lookouts, and Olga and Steve raced towards the clamor ahead, with a Bulette riding Razryn quick to follow. Just as one of the bandit’s plunged their rapier deep into Sigurd’s chest with a particularly vicious strike, the rest of the party Joined the fray with Wizard Steve sending a summoned suicide golem to blow apart the enemy firing line. Not missing a beat the now blood gushing Sigurd severed the heads of the two remaining swordsman in a single swipe, only to be confronted by the massive, green, bandit troll chief now joining the fracas. Wizard Steve stepped forward to match the spell-caster in a duel of incantations, but found himself felled by a poisonous serpent spirit. [Spell-casting in Bastard Quest is centered around learning magic words and then arranging them in 3 word spells, this particular enemy was casting Throw Envenomed Spirit ] In a great feat of strength [He/I rolled a 16+] Razryn grabbed the fainting wizard and managed to drag him on to Betsy’s saddle and ride to safety. The old witch-doctor tried the same trick on Olga, but it would take more than flinging venomous ghost snakes to take her down. She used her sagely wisdom to easily dispel the spectral serpent with a slurry of spirit snow, and then followed it up by declaring it “My turn” at witch point she promptly turned into a ferocious Griffon and mauled him to death. With the shaman disposed of Sigurd gave the order to go find Razryn and save Wizard Steve, he was more than capable of dealing with this bandit lord and his lackey. After the further trading of blows Sigurd lopped the Troll Chief’s hand off and gored him through the gut. It didn’t stop him from pulling himself further up the spear close enough to start to strangle Sigurd with his remaining hand, but he didn’t last long enough to see it through [Sigurd walks away from this brawl with a scant 7 hp.] As the last bandit’s crossbow string snapped, he was hacked apart by Sigurd amidst pleas for his life. Elsewhere Olga descended out of the sky just in the nick of time to use her sagely wisdom to revive Great Wizard Steve. After their hard won victory the heroes looted what slim pickings the brigands had amassed, the highlights of witch were a single ruby and a lot of butchered horses (it having apparently been a very lean season for the thieves.) The heroes decided to beak camp here and sleep in the chief’s big tent for the evening. Meanwhile the goblin bros. Chico and Paco returned from foraging late to find the camp thoroughly raided, but were still brazen enough to try and rob the players in their sleep. Chico failed to steal Great Wizard Steve’s coin purse and woke the wily wizard as Paco managed to make off with Sigurd’s silver. They ran under the flaps of the tent but Paco was no match for Sigurd’s jackrabbit speed [As a Púka Sigurd has a racial ability that gives him a limited capacity to change shape.] He chased him down and ripped his throat out with his teeth [Apparently even a rabbit can Crit an unarmed attack.] Chico made good on his escape and sprinted off into the night, probably not at all likely to swear vengeance for the brutal murder of his brother in the slightest. Upon their return to Daventry they were once again thanked and paid for their service to the commonwealth of Daventry, as well as lauded with high honors. In addition to always being welcome in Lord Graham’s manor, they were also recognized as protectors of the realm by being awarded the Order of the Shield of Achilles, the highest honor known to the people of Daventry (Tho not to the kingdom of Duncanshire.) Great Wizard Steve insisted that it was all in a days work as that is why people call him “Clean it Up Steve” (They Don’t.) Lord Graham was skeptical and asked if he was some kind of janitor wizard well versed in soap-mancy, Sigurd and Steve assured him that those were indeed a thing (They’re Not) and as a result Lord Graham declared that from now on in his hold Steve shall be known as “Great Wizard Steve, Conjurer of All Things Sanitary and Vanquisher of Formidable Filth”
Great Wizard Steve, known for his great works of wizardry and short, easy to remember name.

The players finished the session by taking part of a feast in their honor and spending the evening at Lord Graham’s manor.



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