The Arborian Campaign

Days 23-28

The Rise of Scuba-Steve

After an eventful furlough in Dara our heroes decided it was time to get serious about making their way to Bellaqua. The intelligent members of the party went off to get provisions and supplies for the coming journey, Sigurd sought to make some kind of submersible out of a bathtub and scrap metal, needless to say he failed miserably. Then Great Wizard Steve arrived, and constructed a Bathysphere Golem! An un-weildly cross between a diving bell and an armor manikin, Steve’s plan was to hop inside and animate the construct to traverse the sea depths. After a few day’s work and no small amount of elbow grease the nautical nightmare was complete. The heroes then enlisted the aide of Capt. Cody, captain of the Scarlet Siren.



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